Winter Appeal 2020


The coronavirus(COVID-19) is a crisis like no other the world has faced in recent decades in terms of its potential economic and social impacts. We estimate that the pandemic could push about 49 million people into extreme poverty in 2020-21. A large share of the new poor will be concentrated in countries that are already struggling with high poverty rates. While the impacts will be felt by most households almost immediately with reaching of winter season, they will likely be deeper and longer-lasting among the poor, who are more vulnerable for several reasons.

For the winter season 2020, Ghazali Education Trust is planning to provide winterization items such as winter coat, shoes and hygiene kit to 5,000 orphans and deserving students so that they could be able to fight the cold and covid. They urgently require warm clothing i.e. blanket, jersey, shoes and hygiene kit to prevent from diseases due to hard cold and covid as they live a very hard and miserable life in winter season.


Our organization is currently working for providing relief to the vulnerable students and families. The organization is also focus on improving the dignity of deprived people’s i.e. deserving and orphan students etc. Winter coat, shoes and hygienic kit would be distributed among the Neediest students, who are not able to purchase these things due to poverty and which don't have proper shelter facilities. It would make them safe from the hard cold in winter season.


By providing the winter clothes and hygiene kit; most orphan/needy students and their family’s life would be safe in hard winter season. The confidence of deserving persons and families would improve and they could prevent their self from covid as well. It will also improve their life expectancy, respect and ultimately their dignity.


Winter Appeal 2020

Providing relief to the vulnerable students.


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