Sponsor a Disabled Child

What sort of help would you offer your child if they were disabled? ‘Disability does not mean inability’ (Teresa Scott) it is argued that often, it is our perception of those with a disability that needs to change, not the disability that they may have. If our services and programs do not cater to children with disabilities, it means we failed as a community to give them the right access to tools and equipment to enable them to achieve their full potential. Children with special needs have dreams, hopes and fears like other children without a disability. A disabled child in Pakistan has an even smaller chance of succeeding in what they do in comparison to a disabled child in London, not simply because of the lack of government aid they receive in Pakistan but also due to the negative stigma associated with having a disability. Also, the scarce availability of services and resources means that the opportunity to participate and do what other children do is not possible.

Disabled Child’s Sponsorship Program

 Children with disabilities do not want your pity. They are tired of the discrimination and abuse faced every day and simply have a desire for a better future where judgement is not being cast upon them. They want to be treated like any child in Pakistan, irrespective of whether their disability is physical and is visible to others (autism or on a wheelchair) or is a mental disability that cannot be seen (dyslexia).  

 Ghazali Education Trust launched the Rural Inclusive Education Program with aims to educate many in rural areas and to raise awareness of important issues regarding children with learning and physical disabilities. The goal of the project is to eliminate the existing barriers that limit the child’s access to education or in fulfilling their potential (whether it is a mental or physical barrier). This program is created to achieve a better cohesiveness in these areas, to have a society that appreciates and encourages the participation and contribution of children with various disabilities. Children are also provided with tuition fees for their education, uniforms, health facilities and family support. A small gesture to help students to build on their confidence, help them to become more independent and show them that we care. No child should ever be denied the right to education, whether they have a disability or not. GET UK is trying everything to support these children, but now we need your support. Sponsor a special needs child now and show them that you care.

 Sponsor a disabled child now and reap the rewards of seeing them succeed in life.

 Donate and help children with special needs for as little as £500 for the whole year or £42 a month. 


Sponsor a Disabled Child

Sponsor a disabled child now and reap the rewards of seeing them succeed in life.

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