Educate A Child

Over 61 million children (around the ages of 6-11) are not in school and a staggering 53% of these are girls (UNICEF). Children living in rural areas of Pakistan have smaller chances of pursuing an education than those living in cities. This is due to various disadvantages such as poverty, gender discrimination and crises such natural disasters. Ghazali Education Trust UK (GET UK) instils hope for a better education for children in Pakistan by sponsoring over  22,000 orphans in the 700 available schools. GET UK believes in free education for all including the poor. 

Sponsor an Orphan

GET UK’s Educate a Child Program runs in over 35 districts in Pakistan most of which are rural areas whereby students live in a cycle of poverty. GET UK’s literacy program in Pakistan ensures that students are progressing and that literacy rates are constantly increasing, especially amongst children of the poorest families and those who are orphaned.

Orphan Sponsorship Program

GET UK wishes to break this cycle and enable students to learn and become educated to be self-sufficient and increase their chances of succeeding in life. The Education Project provides scholarships to students and enables them to learn for free whilst giving students monthly grants to support them financially. This is done to ensure that these orphans are not burdened by other financial responsibilities and have enough for essentials and necessary items to live (such as food and water) so that dropping out of school rate is decreased and kept minimal.  GET UK believes that education is for all and is the light that can be used to guide these children in times of difficulty. 

You can sponsor a child’s education for as little as £10 a month or pay £120 for a whole year. Educate a needy child now!


Educate A Child

GET UK’s Educate a Child Program runs in over 35 districts in Pakistan most of which are rural areas.

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