Pakistan Rural Education Program

Pakistan Rural Education Program (PREP) is working as a faculty of Ghazali Education Trust (GET). PREP is the herald of Educational Revolution in Pakistan and its students are vanguard of the educational forces advancing towards the goal of “Better Society through value based education”. Pakistan Rural Education Program is the evidence to the fact that missionary passions and sincere efforts can make the dreams true. PREP was established in 1997 with sincere aspiration to elevate the education in Pakistan especially in remote, deprived and rural areas.

It was started with empty hands with pure trust on the help of Almighty Allah.

It is laudable that Pakistan Rural Education Program flourished in a short span of 15 years. Now there are 354 schools working in 35 districts of Punjab with 22, 00 devoted teachers and having more than 44,000 students in these schools.

Pakistan Rural Education Programme is focusing on quality education adopting modern and progressive ways keeping in view the Islamic values and ethics

PREP is responsible for establishing high standard education center in remote and rural areas. It has chosen the life of Imam Ghazali (450-505 A) as a role model and named its learning centers as Ghazali Education Trust School (GET School). It is a single-class, single teacher phenomenon which will soon turn into a full fledged primary and secondary schools.


The objective of PREP is to;

  • Promote and extend quality education in rural and deprived areas of Pakistan by opening standard educational institutions
  • Generate character building through education and training.
  • Involve and mobilize the community for the noble cause of education
  • Recognize the teaching profession as respectable profession in the society.

Services of PREP

  • Establishing self-sustained schools in under privileged areas of Pakistan.
  • Furnishing these schools with modern educational facilities.
  • Discovering, organizing and developing the dedicated, professional and hardworking teachers.
  • Promoting a balance personality through a progressive curriculum and moral training.
  • Supporting the needy, deserving and orphan students on permanent basis.
  • The system of education is highly scientific, directly linked with the directorate or PREP. The term wise lesson plan, curriculum, examination are formulated by experienced educationists in HRD

School opening Mechanism

  • Initially a comprehensive survey has been conducted to mark and allocate an area that is genuinely deserving and needy for establishing a school.
  • After regular interaction with the local community, a suitable rented or donated building has been acquired with full provision of air, light and shadow.
  • After deputing an educated enthusiastic youngster as a leader teacher, a single class has been enrolled called kids class (KC) which will subsequently be promoted and new classes will be added.
  • A new school is opened if it is adopted minimum for two year by the donor.
  • Network started in a new district if initially 9 schools are adopted minimum for two year by the donor.

Salient features of Ghazali Schools

Initially One class, one teacher, simple but gradual progress.

  • Urdu + English as a medium of instruction.
  • Regular monthly tests for higher classes.
  • Special emphasis on English and Arabic.
  • Character building as a part of syllabus.
  • Central examination system.
  • Competent and hard working teachers.
  • Proper guidance for co-curricular activities.
  • Same curriculum and scheme of study for all school.
  • Regular moral and professional training for teachers.
  • Generous offer for needy and orphan students.
  • Maximum honor, dignity and job security for teachers.
  • Nationwide harmony of curriculum, examination and staff development.
  • Academic year is from 1st March to 28th February.